SPRITE Case Study #4: The Case of the Quantum Taters

Inspires no fear.
  • Remove the effect of the outlier on the mean, propose a new variance, and jiggle until you find a workable solution; or
  • preserve the value of 49 in the potential sample, and run SPRITE as normal — basically amounts to ‘make me a sample according to the mean and SD, but include one value of 49 in it’. Slightly better solution as it allows you to change the shuffling method as required.
  • The overall N is given as 39.
  • The DFs of the ANOVA are compatible with N=38.
  • There are three groups reported with the following cell sizes: control (n=13), high-segmentation (n=14) and low-segmentation (n=12)
  • One person is excluded.
  • Later the high-segmentation group is given as n=11
  • … and the low-segmentation group is given as n=14
  • … and the sum of the high- and low-segmentation groups is n=23


I write about science. We can probably be friends.

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James Heathers

James Heathers

I write about science. We can probably be friends.

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