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Wait, aren’t you that open science guy?

What about community journals, not-for-profit journals, and society journals struggling to get by?

Aren’t you holding up the work of people who need the publications?

If *I* did this, wouldn’t I get in trouble?

  • investment (reviewing papers takes ages and prevents you advancing your career, making money elsewhere, or sitting on the couch and staring happily at the ceiling) and
  • return (thankless task, where how many papers you reviewed and how well you did that job counts for nothing). And yes, I know about Publons, where you can see all the reviews I did for free.
  1. Write to an editor at a small community journal and offer to review manuscripts within an area of mutual interest.
  2. Come up with a sci comm seminar and teach it at a local school.
  3. Put a statement on your faculty website that says ‘I will help any graduate student, within reason, for free, with no questions asked’.
  4. Offer to read people’s resumes or conduct mock job interviews.
  5. Set up email alerts so you can capture and review preprints in your area.

I’m an editor and you’re really pissing me off.

Anything else?





I write about science. We can probably be friends.

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James Heathers

James Heathers

I write about science. We can probably be friends.

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