The Invisible Plague

  • take flights as early as possible, before the airport terminal (a much higher risk than the plane itself, in my estimation) fills up with slack-jawed divs who chew with their mouths open
  • double masking well before it was cool (primarily to ensure that an N95 mask does not require adjustment over time)
  • learning to fit an N95 properly… they are not at all comfortable
  • the ‘drop and flee’ maneuver — checking bags, then waiting outside the airport before passing through security and moving to the gate only when necessary
  • never eating or drinking anything in an airport or a plane, ever
  • skipping breakfast, and more crucially for me, coffee, in order to never use an airplane bathroom
  • going to a closed airport terminal to use the bathroom rather than use a busy one the single time I got caught out
  • if all else fails, drive

Science and Policy

If you get wrecked on barleywine and drive a combine harvester through a daycare center, you will never see daylight again. They’ll bury you under the prison when you die in it.


You might think it was a challenge for the more furious denizens of Samtown to deny or dismiss 680,000 deaths, that it requires a special kind of Class IV tribalism, or a peculiar point in history where unconstrained digital connection enables that tribalism.


I don’t know. I don’t know how to finish this.



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